STYLED BY JADE has received the following testimonials, from some of her very happy clients.

* Please note, Jade does not take before and after photos of clients. 

Sonja: Teacher
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping


Jade completely revolutionised the way I think about fashion. You know the old adage – when you’re in the market for a red car, suddenly you notice how many red cars there are around? It was like that the week after our consultation – I was really paying attention to people’s outfit combinations and accessories, and noticing their degrees of personal style, which is something I saw but never really noticed much before. I was worried that a fashion consultant would turn their nose up at my very humble collection of clothes, suggest a list of ridiculously expensive alternatives and leave me with nothing much more than a lighter wallet and a feeling of inadequacy. But the diametric opposite was true. Jade walked in with a sunny smile, made me feel instantly comfortable, got an idea of what I wanted to achieve and walked me through a bunch of deceptively simple, entirely fantastic and wonderfully realistic suggestions to improve and add to what I had. Not only does Jade help you add to your wardrobe, she also has an eye for what you can scale back on. My favourite part was when she said, wisely and entirely justifiably, “I say this with love – you do not need any more cardigans or printed t-shirts”. To a friend of mine, she gently suggested that she did not need to her already enormous collection of socks. Now, whenever either of us are tempted by cardigans or socks respectively, we text each other a photo with the hashtag #jadesaysno. Our wardrobes are happier for it. I can’t recommend a consultation with Jade highly enough. Along with her stylishness, she brings a sense of humour and a general non-judgemental, down-to earth loveliness. If you’re looking for a gift idea for a friend or partner, it’s also one of the best presents you can buy someone.

Hi lovely! I’m still on a high! I am just at a friends place and showed then my haul, they loved it. I love it!! Thank you SO much for today. You are such a wonderful, caring, beautiful and talented person. I had a fantastic time and couldn’t be happier with my purchases. Brilliant day, brilliant experience. Thanks again. I am already spreading the word! xx 

Suzanne, 38: Property Stylist, Petersham
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Thank you again for yesterday Jade!
I went to my date feeling very ‘like me’ last night in my long black COS dress, sleeveless trench and the red shoe. People stopped to look in Enmore! Knowing my wardrobe will allow me to express who I really am, I hope we can continue to be shopping sistas! xx 

Catherine: Queenscliff
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Hi Jade, thank you SO much for everything yesterday.  You were amazing and it was such an epic day!! I’ve just finished picking up all my goodies 🙂 Amazing, thanks again for everything. You’ve helped me more than you can know. I will be in touch to book winter shopping for sure x

Kedra: Cherrybrook
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Hi Jade, Thank you so much as I am removing labels redefining etc I’m in amazement, bragging to my girlfriends lol Thanks again the journey has been worth it. Kedra 

Fairlie, Radio Presenter i98FM
Personal Shopping

I have been on three different shopping excursions with Jade, and she is absolutely amazing!! She made me feel very comfortable from the get-go, and very quickly was able to get an idea of the sorts of things I wanted but also used her stylish flair to choose loads of different clothes for me. She is such a lovely, warm, and genuine person, but most importantly is super stylish and made me feel fabulous. Definitely treat yourself to a shopping spree with Jade at the helm!

Janelle, Chef: Kiama
Personal Shopping

I’ll be forever grateful for your styling help, I love getting dressed now x

Helen: Bondi
Personal Shopping

Hey Jade! I know you’re super busy but I just had to tell you, I ordered the suede loafers and got them during the Vogue Sale. But more importantly, my work pants are feeling awesome AND I’ve already been asked if I’ve lost weight. Compared to the pants I wore before, I definitely notice the difference but it’s even better when others do too. It’s all thanks to you and I really can’t thank you enough. You did exactly what you said you would – give me back my confidence. 

Rebecca: Sydney
Personal Shopping

Hi Jade, Thanks so much for this week, it was really fun and I’m feeling much more confident about my wardrobe! Rebecca

Cherie, Teacher: Corimal
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Hi Jade, I just wanted to thank you for an amazing job you have done assisting me with my wardrobe & styling. You are so helpful and easy to work with. I really appreciate what you have done for me, it has been something I have wished to do for a long time as somewhere between having children and fluctuating weight I lost the art of shopping & choosing the right clothes. x

Maree: Sydney
Wardrobe Makeover

Hi Jade, thank you so much for my wardrobe makeover this morning. It was lovely to meet you. I have a much better sense of why I was struggling to dress for work and where my shopping needs to be focused. Maree x

Eileen: Sydney
Pesonal Shopping

Jade thank you soo much for yesterday it was awesome and I feel like a new woman. Eileen

Elissa: Bilgola
Wardorbe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Hi Jade, I am loving my new wardrobe and really enjoyed shopping with you. Thank you for a great day and I am sure I will be in touch with you again! Kind regards Elissa

Nicki: Sydney
Personal Shopping

Oh Jade! I’m so happy! You are great at what you do! Many many thanks I had a great day with you! 

Romney: Shell Cove
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Thanks so much for today!! Love, love all my clothes. You’re the bestest x we must wine sometime! 

Sevgi: Melbourne
Personal Shopping

OMG!! I’m sooooo happy with what I have bought thank you sooooo much for today! You’re so awesome! I feel empowered and excited about my wardrobe again!! And I feel empowered about building on it! Thank you thank you thank you!!! 

Deborah, Retired: Mona Vale
Wardrobe Makeover

Thanx a million for today Jade. Just a delight to meet u. I’ve passed your name onto 3 friends. Hope they get off their bums to call you. Hope you’re well, will contact you in June for shopping. Deborah

Olimpia: Oatley
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Hi Jade, I was thinking of you this morning. I loved the process.. I feel you gave me permission to have fun again by catering for the neglected part of myself. So thank you and talk soon. Olimpia

Melanie: Emu Heights
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Hi Jade hope you are well. I just wanted to let you know, in all the years I have worked with head of our department, he has never commented on my attire oh how I looked. Today that all changed. Today I wore my black skirt with tights and new flat boots, the burgundy long sleeve top we purchased and my black suit jacket, just like you had styled for me and today he commented that I looked very smart. Well done and thank you! It’s amazing how good that felt and the little boost of confidence it’s bought me. Take care xx

Mel: Melbourne
Personal Shopping

Thanks again! Awesome day.. .I now have everything I need and more lol



Mina, Business Development Manager:Marsfield
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Hi Jade thanks for a fun day. Now I need to work out what I am wearing next week 🙂 stay in touch! 

Sharon: Oyster Bay
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Hi Jade, 
A very big thank you for all your help on Friday. You made the decision process very easy with great advice. I now have some basic pieces together with a few “special” ones and can’t wait to wear them all. Thanks again, Sharon.


Lina, Student: Sydney
Personal Shopping

Hi Jade, thank you so much for today! I had such a great time (rare for me when shopping!) And I can’t believe what a great haul we got I’m trying everything now!! Everything works together perfectly! 

Peter, Telecommunications business owner: Quakers Hill
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Thank you for a very enjoyable day today. Now what to wear tomorrow? Thank you once again for an awesome experience and wonderful company. Yes, Yes you’ve created a monster! 

Kerrie, Mother of Courtney 17 years old
Personal Shopping

Hi Jade thank you so much for yesterday! She had a great day and you make her feel so good about herself! You are so good at what you do. Can’t wait to do it again. Thanks again. 

Hayley: Glebe
Personal Shopping

There’s too many clothes to make it look good haha
Thank you SO much!! Hayley

George: Business Owner, Malabar
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Finally, just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you again for making my clothing choices so much easier every day and also making me feel so confident in what I wear….really glad that you’ve helped me out Jade, and look forward to our next shop in the next few months. 🙂

Ann: Customer Service, Wollongong
Wardrobe Makeover

Hi Jade, it was great going through the process with your input and guidance. It have given me a new confidence. Thank you Ann

Dinah: Chatswood
Personal Shopping

Hi Jade thanks so much for such a great morning yesterday. I have had such fun trying on all my new outfits – exactly what I was looking for! You have such patience and made me feel so at ease. So thank you SO much. Dinah x

Lesley, 52: Executive Assistant
Personal Shopping

Thank you so much for our time this morning. You have not only given me new ideas but have provided reassurance that I do have good instincts on the basics. I appreciate the new perspectives on old favorites. Thanks again for an enjoyable morning. Regards Lesley

Paul, Hairdresser: Victoria
Online Personal Shopping service

Seeing as I’m the worlds worst shopper….
I contacted Jade just before Xmas with my fashion dilemma. New job means new wardrobe…. I live outside Melbourne and with Jade operating from Sydney, there just wasn’t an opportunity to meet up and have “hands on advice”. With Jade researching looks, brands and shops she armed me with the next best thing. A plan on where to shop, visual prompts and best of all, instant feedback with me sending pics from the changing rooms and Jade giving feedback.
I will now start my new job feeling confident, professional yet still relaxed and showing my personality and personal style.
Thank you doesn’t seem enough Jade, your skills, service and approach to what you do is second to none.Thank you again, you truly are a talent and sweetheart to boot!! xxx

Lindy: Miranda
Personal Shopping

Thank you SO much for today. We’re home, Amaya is fed and asleep in bed. Pizza is ordered and I’m having a wine.. thinking of all my favourite purchases I got. Thank you so much for everything. 

Michele: Dolans Bay
Wardrobe Makeover 

Hi Jade, Just opened my wardrobe to get dressed and such a difference. So happy, cannot thank you enough x Michele

Olivia: Sydney
Personal Shopping

Hi Jade, Having lots of fun with my new wardrobe. Getting lots of comments about my pink skirt today 🙂 loving it. Thanks and hope photo shoot went well. Olivia

Tom: Macquarie
Personal Shopping

Hi Jade. thank you very much for yesterday, I really enjoyed our time shopping together and I now have plenty of nice clothes to wear. We will be in touch. Regards, Tom.

Eliza: Bondi
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Jade, what a pleasure it was to get dressed the last two days! Greg definitely approves. A huge thank you to you, I hope our paths cross again sometime as it was lovely spending time with you. Best of luck with your New York showcase! Eliza

Sarah: Annandale
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Loving all my new bits and pieces and getting lots of compliments! Thanks  and I just put the 3 bags of clothes in the boot so I’m not tempted to steal anything back out. lol

Marea: Sydney
Personal Shopping

Jade it was awesome, you’re awesome. Thank you I was tired after it but got this surge of inspiration a few hours later and tried everything on again.. Marea xxx

Rita: Earlwood
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Hi Jade, I actually wanted to send you a pic of of my outfit on Saturday night. I got lots of compliments and Pasquale loved it too. I had so much fun shopping with you on Saturday. Thank you so much! Regards Rita 🙂

Paul: Burwood
Personal Shopping

Hi Jade, it’s Paul
I just want to say a huge thank you for today! I’m wearing a new outfit tonight, my bf is coming over and finally I feel comfortable going somewhere flash for a wine! Was such a pleasure to meet you, it was all so  effortless – I definitely chose the right girl to help me 🙂 Have a nice evening and take care!! 

Analaura: Sydney
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

Good morning Jade, back from Dubai.. I have to say thank you!! Felt like a queen.. So much so that I didn’t feel the need to buy one thing. I took my whole new wardrobe but only wore a third of it. I didn’t realise how many combinations I could put together, with hats and head scarf I had so much variety. I wore my jumpsuit on the plane.. I got VIP treatment all the way! My husband did manage to say I looked sexy lol something for him to get used to. hahahaha Happy New Year!! 

Bonnie, 34: Coffs Harbour
Event Styling & Personal Shopping

 Greetings from the other side of the World!!! Made it to London and just wanted to share some pics of our night at the Ritz..
Thank you so much for working your magic, I felt like an absolute princess tonight! Jade I hope you are proud of yourself, you work is amazing.
Who would have thought a little old bogan from Coffs Harbour could look so good!! ha ha

Chris, 28: Co-Founder of Fox Wardrobes Personal Shopping

As a business owner I need to present well with clients and feel confident on a daily basis. Jade understood the look I was going for straight away and helped me do a year worth of shopping in one day! We covered both work and weekend outfits. It was a great experience having Jade assist and take the hassle out of shopping and she knew exactly the shops and brands that would suit me. I would recommend Jade to anyone who is looking for a personal stylist.

Vanessa: Copy Writer
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

My decision to book Jade for a wardrobe overhaul and personal shopping service turned out to be one of the most enjoyable and empowering decisions I have ever made. Jade helped me see past my hangups – about what’s fashionable, what my husband wants me to wear, and all my other clothing cluttering things up! She helped me refine what I actually, really liked. She helped me understand, and even more importantly taught me, how to dress for my body type, my size, and my lifestyle, so I feel comfortable and confident in every situation I find myself in. She did this in such an open, friendly and warm way, literally a dream come true – a real fairy godmother moment. She was the perfect partner to have by my side for our two day adventure through my wardrobe, and then the shops! I now have a versatile wardrobe of clothes that fit (omg!), that can be dressed up and dressed down, that express my personality. Better yet, when I go shopping next, I know what to look for what what to wear it with. What a great gift. Jade is absolutely lovely in every way – from the first emails discussing the booking, through the (what could have been very) confronting experience of assessing the wardrobe, through to the shop and making sure we stick to budget – Jade does a fantastic job. She listens to what you want, how you feel about things. She knows when to explain things. She knows a great bargain. Her excitement and love for her work is infectious. I no longer look at my wardrobe with fear of not knowing what to wear, or disappointment of having nothing to wear. I look at it with excitement for the possibilities – of what I can wear today (and tomorrow, and the day after in case it is raining, and on the weekend when I go to the beach)! 

Susie: Marriage Celebrant
In Store Styling

“Jade is a stylist who takes time to connect with you, to see who you are as a person, what your lifestyle is like, what you are comfortable in. And then she magically find “your style”. Not the style that that magazines tell you are in and you should follow, but your style……..one that suits you, your lifestyle, your body shape…….and a style that loves you right back. She really is a whizz! And to top it off, she is a really really lovely person.”

Kris: Sutherland
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

“I was styled by Jade. She knows what clothes suit me better and I love it. She taught me how to select clothes better than I have been in the past. I would highly recommend Styled By Jade to anyone.”

Melissa: Energy Healing & Business Owner, Pure Energy Therapies
Personal Shopping

“My personal shopping experience with Jade was amazing. I felt so comfortable discussing my clothing issues with Jade. She was friendly and easy to be around. She is a true professional and helped me make great choices, some that I would never have considered if it wasn’t for her knowledge of styling. I am loving my new wardrobe. I’m feeling more confident in my clothes and can’t wait to work with Jade again. Highly recommend Styled by Jade.”

Schatzi: Burlesque Model
Photo Shoot Styling

“I had the pleasure of working with Jade as part of a Burlesque inspired photoshoot at the Art House in Sydney. I needed to bring a selection of clothes, and Jade helped me pick the perfect combination! I loved that she chose an ensemble that I never even thought of, and the results were amazing! I can totally recommend Jade as a talented & professional stylist, whatever your needs may be.”

Jodi: Coach & Public Speaker, Jodi Cooper Coaching & Public Speaking
Wardrobe Makeover & Personal Shopping

“Jade helped my sort out my wardrobe after having my two babies. It was the best thing I could have spent money on! We threw out so much stuff and I ended up with a great list of what I needed and where I’d find it, and for the first time in my life I feel both confident and stylish. Thanks Jade, loved it!” xxx

Nicollo: Visual Merchandiser, Jeanswest
Fashion Show Assistant

“Had the pleasure of working with this talented lady. Not only does she have a high level of professionalism but her personality is very contagious. The outcome of her work is always of top quality and her creativity is inspirational.”

Nikki: Photographer, Lion & Cub Photography
Wardrobe Makeover

“I wholeheartedly recommend this to anyone who needs an honest, well-intentioned opinion on what suits them and what they need to complete their ultimate wardrobe. I had taken over my boyfriend’s apartment and spread into my child’s bedroom with my fashion obsession yet unfortunately had no idea of what really suited me and how to put an outfit together. Jade helped me streamline my entire collection of boots, shoes, hats, coats, knits, vintage dresses, jeans – everything – into a workable wardrobe. I made notes to refer to and after the enormous mess, Jade put it all back together in a logical manner which makes dressing so much easier. Now I only have clothes that flatter me and I also know where to find them! She is honest, incredibly lovely and it felt like I was hanging out with an old friend. Love her work, she is brilliant.”

Shalyn: Business Owner, Street FX Newcastle
Personal Shopping for a Special Occasion

“I really don’t like shopping and especially for a special event. I needed an outfit for a business awards night and wouldn’t have known where to start looking.. Jade you made it so painless, quick and I actually enjoyed it ?? You knew exactly what my style was and what I was looking for. I can’t thank you enough for all your help and your patience ? You are an absolutely gem and you definitely know your stuff. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! If you’re looking for a phenomenal personal shopping experience, Jade has your back ??”

Raymond: Husband of a previous client
Personal Shopping Advice Online

Dear Jade,

Hope you are going well now that you are back in Sydney.

Thank you for your great advice re the jeans for Raymond. Today we went to Miranda Fair and started at David Jones, then went to Levi’s, where Raymond found a pair of jeans he was very happy with. They also took up the leg length in an hour, so he can wear them to his evening class tonight. Raymond is very happy.

Raymond thanks you a lot for your invaluable help Jade, it’s so great to know that just by asking for your superb advice and going shopping based on that advice, we achieved a satisfying outcome for Raymond; you are so knowledgeable and generous.

Thank you so much!

Kindest regards, Ruth xoxo

Danny: Customer Service Manager, Qantas
Wardrobe Makeover

“I hired Jade for a styling session after a very high recommendation from a friend. Jade exceeded my expectations on all levels. Professionalism, detailed knowledge of her profession, personal guidance & suggestions, honesty, integrity and a real sense of knowing I was in the best hands in the industry. Jade gave me the knowledge on how to dress and reflect my personality and image, both professionally and socially. I strongly recommend Jade for any of your styling needs and would hire her again should the need arise.”

Ruth, 64: Retired
Personal Shopping, Spring/Summer

Dear Jade,

Thank you for an immensely enjoyable shopping day!! The pieces you chose are fabulous and fun to wear, and there are so many!!! Apart from being brilliant additions to my wardrobe, the pieces complement what I already have, and as I mentioned before, Raymond and Ramona are also very impressed with the choices and continue to be amazed at how I look in the vibrant colours. I wore the brilliant blue top with the white pants and white bag – which is such a fantastic item – and red sandals: Raymond just couldn’t stop the compliments!! He loves the vibrant colours. I am looking forward to wearing them more as the weather gets warmer it has got much cooler this week, in fact, I wore the grey jacket with a white basic top and black pant as you suggested, and felt so fabulous. What a difference it makes to know what to wear!! Thank you so very much for your generous sharing of your knowledge and time and expertise.

all the very best,

kindest regards, Ruth xx

Rina: Contracting EA/PA and Director/Founder, Honored Events
Wardrobe Makeover and Personal Shopping

“I was apprehensive to be styled as I’d had a not so good experience many years ago with a well know stylist who made me feel like a hill-billy and then proceeded to drag me around Melbourne spending $2000 on business cloths that I very rarely wore after that. When I had seen Jade’s work with friends and family I was impressed by Jade’s eye for detail for an individual’s needs. When I had my consultation to be styled by Jade, I didn’t feel like I was being assessed according to a standard checklist or reprimanded for the choices I had made in the past. Jade asked in depth questions about my clothing needs and how I felt about my current cloths. Then we went through my wardrobe and made the decision together on what to keep and what to throw out based on her expert recommendations for my body type and lifestyle. Then we assessed what else was needed and found there was very little to purchase. And I still follow the principles she gave me every time I shop! It was a very collaborative process. As I’m not a “label” conscious person and dress for comfort I am so grateful to Jade for showing me the style that suits ME best (within my budget), NOT what a stylist thinks I should be wearing! I would not hesitate in recommending Jade.”

Cathy: General Manager, Precision Oxycut at Sell & Parker
Wardrobe Makeover and Personal Shopping

“Jade not only appears to be highly skilled in her field, but she is also a very down to earth and genuine person. Her approach was one that conveyed a very considered approach which I am sure enables her to meet the individual specific needs of all her clients. Jade is a pleasure to work with!”

Megan: Wholesale Customer Manager at Bombora Coffee & Water Supplies
Wardrobe Makeover and Personal Shopping

“Jade is a very professional & creative Stylist. Her knack for having insight into people, their personalities and what would suit them is a true gift she has as a stylist, she makes you feel instantly comfortable with her. I would recommend her services to everyone.”

Beth, 51: Customer Service Supervisor at Qantaslink Brisbane
Special Event – Mother of the Bride

Hi Jade,

Thank you so very much for choosing my outfit for ‘mother of the bride’.

I felt fantastic, and confident, and I would recommend you to anyone, as you have an amazing talent, a wonderful nature, and you kept my outfit within my budget.

I live in Brisbane, and it was well worth the trip!

Thank you Jade, Beth

Claire: Head photographer at Claire Wallman Photography
Photo Shoot Styling

“Jade was lovely to work with, reliable and pulled amazing outfits which matched my brief exactly. I have also watched jade speak at an event and it was so inspirational, it gave me the kick start to get my business to that next level. Thanks a million jade, i would definitely would with you again and again xx”

Lara, 38: Contracts Liaison Coordinator
Wardrobe Makeover

Hi Jade,

Thank you for your lovely message, your kind words were really touching.

I had a lot of fun that day despite the pre-session nerves. You put me at ease straight away and your encouragement has made me feel more confident since.

I felt a kindred connection and an understanding from you through our candid conversation.

I really enjoyed meeting you. You have such a lovely, friendly, open presence.

I think what you do is amazing and this experience was the best birthday gift!

Many Thanks again and Kindest Regards, Lara

Ruth, 63: Registered Nurse
Special Event – Cocktail Party, Wardrobe Makeover, Personal Shopping and Hair Styling

Dear Jade

I am happy to thank you for your wonderful assistance with my outfit for last Saturday’s wedding. Being elegantly and appropriately dressed made a HUGE impact on my confidence. You have given me a more optimistic outlook on my image and possibilities for improvement! Thanks to you it was totally NOT STRESSFUL. The best thing was that Raymond my husband was so awestruck and kept telling me I was STUNNING!

For your professional advice, time and sincerity, thank you Jade.

Kind regards Ruth

Melissa, 33: Mother of three
Wardrobe Makeover and Personal Shopping

Dear Jade,

Thanks so much for such an enjoyable day shopping – it was so much fun!

You made it such an effortless experience, as usually I walk around for hours, and come home frustrated and empty handed. It was so much fun coming home with bags full of new clothes and trying them all on in different combinations!

We went out with friends for drinks last weekend and I wore my new black Sass & Bide jeans with my black singlet top and cream Witchery cotton zip jacket with ballet flats. My friends loved my new outfit! I also wore my new white Sass & Bide jeans with the black Witchery sleeveless vest out to dinner with Andrew (which he thought was very hot!)

All the best, Mel x

Jac: Producer / Artistic Director
Creative Direction and Styling

“I have worked with Jade in various capacities over the 12 years or so I have known her. She is a dream to work with. Personable, efficient and always just “gets” the brief, and over delivers. I can’t recommend her enough.”

Antonina, 34: eXcel Recognition Programs Coordinator Qantas
Wardrobe Makeover and Personal Shopping

I used to wear my clothes quite baggy to cover most of my curves. Jade had shown me how to wear my existing clothes better and what will cover or accentuate my curves appropriate for my size, family/friends have noticed a change in my dress sense all for the better. I bought my first pair of jeans after 15 years that are leg hugging a big achievement for me!

Thankyou, Antonina

Kerrieanne, 28: Makeup Artist
Wardrobe Makeover and Personal Shopping

Due to a new beginning in my life, my partner brought me a gift voucher from Styled by Jade for my birthday. What woman wouldn’t want a gift like this and a brand new wardrobe?

Being of a larger size, I felt that Jade showed me the basics of fashion and how key pieces went together and how to utilise my wardrobe in a stylish way.

Due to the industry I am in, being a makeup artist, it’s important that I look good and dress well. I now feel more confident, uplifted and have a new found ‘strut’. I now have confidence in shopping by myself and arranging an outfit together.

Thankyou, Kerrieanne

Sarah, 35: Lean Advisor
Wardrobe Makeover, Personal Shopping and Hair Styling

I found I had a gap in my education, the fashion part. In her gentle, non-threatening way, Jade introduced me to a world that had been missing and taught me guidelines that will mean I can shop and be confident with what I buy.

Thanks, Sarah

Caroline, 35: Lead Business Analyst at Singtel Optus
Wardrobe Makeover, Personal Shopping and Hair Styling

“Jade really helped me get my waldrobe in order and gave me some great new ideas. Her approach was very easy, with no pressure and made me feel very comfortable. I loved taking her shopping with me and now feel far more confident with my purchases.. thank you so much!”