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Taking my skin care regime, to the next level!

At the ripe old age of 37 (ssshhhh I’m turning 38 next month) I get allot of compliments, saying I don’t look my age…. which is a nice thing to hear, but then I get the question.. what have you had done!!
I have never been under the knife, my lips are my own and I’m not against having what ever makes you happy.. but I want to share about some treatments that I have had, over the past 6 months that I believe have helped with how I look.

I have always taken care of my skin, it was something that my mother taught me at the age of 14. “It’s important to cleanse, tone and moisturizer… and always take your makeup off!” I would like to say that I have always tried to stick to these guidelines, but I have definitely gone to bed after a big night out, with my make up on!! Oh to be carefree and young again lol I also worked for a beautiful skin care product, Lancome… which taught me allot about skin on a deeper level.

But last year when I turned 37, I had a pre mid life crisis moment…. and I started to feel like the 40’s were closer then my 30’s and I felt for the first time, I looked like I was ageing. Now I must say, I’m pretty blessed with my mothers Spanish skin, where I really don’t have any wrinkles.. but I started to feel that my skin was looking dull and uneven. So as much as I was ‘taking care’ of my skin, I felt I needed something to shake it up!!

About this time last year, I met the gorgeous team from Laser Clinics Wollongong. The Manager Danai has taken care of my Laser treatment for about 8 months now and during one of my treatments, discussed their skin treatments. I wanted it all, but we started with an AHA Enzymatic Peel. I had never had anything like this before and I was really excited to see the end result.
* As you can see in the first image, my skin was looking a little dull even a little grey and I had very uneven skin tone.

skin first skin first

skin firstskin first 

I could definitely notice a change to my skin after this treatment. It had more of a glow to it, but I still felt I needed something a little more intense. So I opted to have Dermo Rolling done or (needling as it’s called) You can view my little online video of the process here > Dermo rolling.
Having this treatment done, I believe really took my skin to the next level.

This is my skin now… Yes I have makeup on, but you can tell my skin definitely has a more even skin tone, it’s got a glow to it and I feel that it has a new sense of life….or maybe I just feel better about it!! Either way, I was definitely happy with the two treatments and I will endevour to continue to have them, every couple of months. x


jade 2

EXCLUSIVE OFFER… the gorgeous staff at Laser Clinics at Wollongong Central ONLY, are happy to offer all clients 50% OFF their first skin treatment, when you mention Styled by Jade when making your booking!



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Now I know this is a very PERSONAL POST.. but I have had so many people wanting to talk to me about it, that I felt the need to share my story.

So as many of you may have read, I shared a personal journey with the Styled by Jade audience on laser hair removal. And I couldn’t believe the attention it received. Since my first post 4 weeks ago, I have received an influx of private messages, wanting to know how the journey is going! So I thought I would share it publicly and give everyone an update.

So just a little recap.. exactly 4 weeks ago yesterday, I started my own laser hair removal journey. I had my lip, underarms and bikini done. It’s recommended to come in after 2 weeks to get your lip done again and then come in after 4 weeks, to have the other areas done.

In the first week of having laser, I noticed hair growing on my underarms and bikini line, however it was just the original hair that was lasered. After a week, the hair started to fall out! I was so excited and surprised, of how quickly the treatment started to work. I thought I would have to have multiple sessions, before I started to notice anything at all. There was no redness, irritation… NOTHING!! In the past week, I have noticed very little fine hair growing on my underarms, but no where else!! So I went along to my second treatment yesterday and shared my excitement with the gorgeous Danai (Manager of Laser Clinics in Wollongong) I think she may have had a little chuckle or two at me and how excited I was!! lol

So impressed with the first treatment, I included my thighs in the laser process yesterday and was so surprised to not feel a single thing. The other areas, there was a little moment here and there, but my thighs were fantastic!! Now my hair is fairer on my thighs, so i don’t know if that’s the reason… but I’ll be interested to see how they grow back. I’ll keep you updated!!

I really need to share how happy I am and how excited I am about this Summer.. I truly wished that I had only started this process earlier!

Once again.. thank you to the gorgeous girls from Laser Clinics in Wollongong, for not only taking care of me but making me feel so comfortable in the process. x

p.s Winter is truly the best time to have this done!!!!


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