“Need assistance with styling and creative direction on a look for your next photo shoot, music video or commercial?”

The role of a Stylist is often part of the larger creative team assembled by the client. Collaboration with a Fashion Designer, Photographer, Director, hair and makeup, to put together a particular ‘ LOOK’ for the concept & brief that has been created.

The job of the Stylist on location for a photo shoot is to provide the photographer an extra set of eyes, ears and hands leaving the photographer to stay behind the camera, as well as creating a Fantastic look!

Here are some of the crucial things a Stylist should take care of on location:

  • Source fashion items and props for photographic shoots or film/tv personalities, or product placement in fashion magazines/media.
  • Advise on photographic approaches and the selection of locations, props, clothing, models, makeup artists, photographers, hair stylists and the overall look for photo shoots.
  • Advise and direct the photography of items and clothing selected for promotion.
  • Liaise with fashion designers, retailers, the media, models/model agencies, photographers, makeup artists, hairdressers, beauty therapists, personal trainers and the media.
  • Modelling advice, how to pose, when to look natural and how to create different looks.
  • Making sure the client is placed in the most flattering body positions.
  • Removing any obstructing/distracting objects in your photo foreground and background.
  • Attend to wardrobe, iron/steam clothing if required, check buttons and zippers are done correctly, ect…
  • Attend to hair and make-up, making sure that everything is in its place.

Styled by Jade has worked on various Fashion Shoots, with many of the images used in print.

Please click here, to view a range of images.

Cost: Price on request


* Image featuring Styled by Jade directing and styling a fashion shoot,  for the latest AW17 Fashion Campaign for the Daily Telegraph

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