“What does your professional image, say about you?”

When we meet someone for the first time, we make an immediate assessment based on what we see.

We consider your appearance, implied status and likeability and are judged by the image we project.

What you wear says something about you and creates certain expectations.

When your visual presentation supports your spoken language, you appear reliable and professional.

My Corporate Styling services are tailored to meet your specific needs and designed to make an immediate impact on your personal and professional life.

Cost: Price on request



“Do your staff members need some guidance in presentation and corporate image?”

Allow me to give your staff the confidence to know what to wear and how they should present themselves on a daily basis.

When you have total freedom in regards to presentation, people can dress too casually or be overdressed.

By defining the company’s visual presentation, everyone is aware what is expected of them.

Developing a corporate dress code, can help to maximize your corporate image and strengthen your brand.

Styled by Jade can help enhance your corporate image, by helping to blend the personal tastes and styles of your staff into an appropriate visual style. Which is both consistent with your company’s objectives and enhances employee self-confidence.

My extensive experience in the industry includes working with high end premium products and companies, which has given me hand on experience in impeccable presentation in all areas.

I have worked closely with many large corporations providing my knowledge to their staff creating a professional image in all areas of their corporation, from the CEO to frontline staff.

Cost: Price on request


*Image taken at the Antonella Ianni New York campaign, Styled by Jade

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