Shellac Nails!!

I learnt from a young age, to take care of my nails and do them myself. As much as I enjoy being pampered, I can count on one hand how many times I have had my nails done by a professional. The last experience was for my wedding day, where I spoilt myself in a deluxe medi and pedi…what a wonderful experience!! However… if done professionally or by myself, I still have the same problem.. I’m lucky if my nail polish lasts more than 48 hours without chipping!! Being somewhat time poor and a little frustrated, the joy of removing my nail polish and repainting them every second night is wearing thin… so the question I have is what do we think of Shellac? I have heard mixed reports, they either ‘damage your nails and I would never do it again’ or ‘ I love it and do it all the time’!! I  have very healthy and strong nails and prefer my nails short and tidy and always painted.. so I have now considered trying shellac on my hands and toes, to see what I’m missing out on and hopefully it will last more than 48 hours???

I would love to hear your feedback.. have you tried Shellac and if so, what are your thoughts? xx



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