I love this time of year, Autumn in Sydney is always gorgeous and today is not exception… The sun is out and there’s a cool pleasant breeze.
I recently purchased a black Seafolly Kaftan on Sale and thought it would look great teamed back with jeans.
This weather is perfect for lightweight tops + boyfriend jeans + sandals.. today I was inspired by this look!! My version is a little different, but this is the joys of Fashion and what I always say to my clients.. “Be inspired by Fashion, but make it your own”. My version is a Black Seafolly Kaftan + Boyfriend Jeans + Silver Sandals…

Style Inspiration | Boyfriend Jeans

Dare to Dare… black lace under white!!

For years we were told to wear nude or white under sheer shirts and blouses…. but for years now, I have been known for only wearing black or red under everything!! It makes me feel sexy and it adds a little edge to my look!!

I even tell my clients to be a little daring and wear black under a white shirt and most of them have taken that advice!!

Micah is a gorgeous Stylist that I love being inspired by and I just love that she has the same vision!!

Love this gorgeous little combo of grey jeans + white blouse + black lace bra from Gooseberry x

Dare to Dare | black lace under white

Style Inspiration | The Classic Blazer

We have so many gorgeous trends this Autumn/Winter, but nothing can compare to the classic look of a Black blazer + White shirt + Black pant… this combo is just the basis to an amazing look!! Wear it with flats for day time, team it with a heel for work or evening.. there are so many different ways it can be worn, but it’s never tiring!

This gorgeous classic blazer is from ME + EM but you can find a beautiful piece like this anywhere. Just remember to get your fit and fabric right and it’s a piece that will be in your wardrobe for years!

Style Inspiration | Classic Blazer

The Bralette… the new bra alternative!!

I have so many clients that have a smaller bust and struggle with buying bras as it is, as they don’t feel they have ‘enough’ to fill them in the first place..but they still want to feel feminine and look sexy!!
I think the new bralette is a great alternative for just that!! Made from lace, it’s a gorgeous way to still feel sexy and not to worry about ‘filling’ a bra cup!!
It’s also a gorgeous alternative, if you want to wear them with singlets, dresses or just have a little lace showing.
I have personally tried the bralette from Bonds, but I must admit.. being a larger cup size, I found there was no support but a beautiful alternative, to just having a bra strap showing. So I will definitely try and find one that I think will at least hold the ladies in!!

Are you currently wearing one and if so, what brand did you find the best?

The Bralette - Styled by JadeThe Bralette under a singlet - Styled by Jade  Bralettes - Styled by Jade

Perfect for Work!!

Spring/Summer can be a little more difficult when it comes to the work place. I have so many clients that contact me around this time, concerned about their wardrobe for work. They want to look professional, yet they don’t want to have to resort to wearing a suit during the hotter months.

I know personally myself, working in Qantas Corporate for a few years that dressing for work can sometimes be a painful process. Certain hemlines are not appropriate and straps that are too thin are not allowed either… Allot of the time we need to have two serparate wardrobes, one for your personal lifestyle and one for ‘Work’!!

I love this little Mint collection from David Lawrence, is Perfect for Work. DL know how to create the perfect attire for the Modern Classic wardrobe. Straps are thicker, hemlines are longer, they have gorgeous little light weight blazers and matching accessories to complete the look… in a fantastic array of colours and reasonable price point!

David lawrence | Corporate Wardrobe

Monochromatic Fashion!!!

With Spring/Summer fashion starting to hit our shores and stores, there’s a new trend in fashion that’s making a big hit…Monochromatic!!!

Monochromatic is all about creating your whole outfit in one colour!!!

As seen on A-list celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow, Rihanna and Heidi Klum and on almost every Spring/Summer runway show overseas. But you don’t have to be an A-lister or have a trust fund to afford this rich look. All it takes is a keen eye and a love of color to pull it off.


The possibilities are endless when it comes to wearing this trend, it works in virtually every shade of the rainbow and can be worn in every season. The only trick is to keep the shades of your outfit in the same hue of colour. So, whether you’re a bit daring and choose a bright colour or you prefer to play a little safe in muted tones and natural hues…there is a look out there for you. Practice it in spring, carry it through to summer and rock it from head to toe in winter. Monochromatic fashion is anything but one-dimensional!