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The ultimate Summer style guide, for men who are travelling abroad this season…

Nicole and I have the pleasure of styling men, for every season. However we have found an increased demand on “What to wear, when travelling abroad?” So here’s our Ultimate Summer Style Guide! Use it for your travels now, or keep it handy for this coming Summer Season. 

For every season, there is a particular rule on how to dress. For Autumn and Winter, it should be thicker fabrics in darker colours and subtle patterns. During Spring and Summer, it is about lighter fabrics, bright colours and bold patterns. It’s a season of happy and fun, enjoying the sun and the outdoors.

If you don’t know how to dress up for the season, Nicole and I are more than happy to help. We will give you the style protocol for you to fashionably enjoy the summer. No more self-doubt if you can pull it off, because we’ve got you covered.  

Always choose the right fabric…

It may sound easy because choosing the right material for your clothes is common sense. However, you will be surprised, many are clueless, and men are no exception. There is always that mistake of wearing fabrics for the winter when it is summer. The result, a sweaty heap in the middle of the day. Cashmere, wool, and tweed are for the cold months. Wear it in abundance but not in the summer.

Summer calls for light and breathable linen, good old cotton, and seersucker. They are engineered to let your body breath. Save the heavy fabrics for the rainy and snowy days.

Invest in three types of Footwear…

Most men only need three pairs of shoes to get them through the summer. The first one should be a very good pair of loafers in leather. It should have a weightless sole. It will be a good pair for your smart casuals and equally as good to use on the weekends. Suffice to say; it should be the bread and butter of your summer essential.        

The second is a good tennis shoe preferably in leather, because it is easy to clean, what else. It should be in black. It will be a perfect complement to the off-duty outfits. It can be paired with shorts as well as trousers.

The last pair should be lace-up shoes in leather. These shoes are versatile with chinos and t-shirt and even with a suit.

Don’t be afraid to go loose…

You need to let loose in the summer and what more than slightly baggy but well-tailored trousers in seersucker. With the summer heat, your legs will feel free and relaxed. 

Invisible Socks…

Many people hate the invisible socks look lately but as long as the socks are not seen above the shoe line, it is acceptable. They not only look good but hygienic too. Better than to go sockless with all the heat you will not end up with sweaty and smelly feet. It will not only ruin your shoes but will also make people turn away.

A Good Haircut…

If you have long hair and you can pull off a man bun, then you are good to go. However, if you don’t know how to fix your hair, then a good haircut is in order. Have the sides and back shorter and feel the air moving around in your head. The sweaty head is a headache in the summer.

Buy a good deodorant…

What? Yes, part of being fashionable is to smell nice and clean. Nothing comes close to a good deodorant that can get you through the sweaty day. Make sure that what you’re buying is the non-stain variety. The unsightly white marks that deodorant leaves on clothing are an epic fail. Avoid ruining your clothes with a white-mark free roll-on.

Two pairs of sunglasses are the minimum…

Always keep the sunglasses handy and with an extra pair in case, you lose it. It is not only good protection for your eyes but also a complement to your wardrobe. Aviators never grow old.

When choosing a suit, it should be light…

When the smarter dressing is in order, go for a double-breasted blazer, as this is the ultimate summer must-have. This style of the blazer is designed to make your elongate your frame. It is a life hack to make you look slimmer. The material should be in linen and for an extra amp, wear it with a fitted t-shirt. Don’t worry; only the neckline will show. 

Do not wear a super expensive watch to the beach…

Many luxury watch aficionados will beg to disagree, but you don’t want to spend your day just looking after your expensive watch. .. so leave it at home. Losing it will make you lose your mind too.


Go for an inexpensive but classy and elegant watch to pair with your wardrobe. Think of simple watches with neutral coloured straps to match your outfit when going for a sail or just a casual walk in the park. For the summer as the mercury rises, you had better wear something that will not absorb sweat and at the same time make you look classy and elegant. It should be water-resistant too. 
We love the Ambassador Heritage 1921 Available here.

Wear pastel colours…

With the sun shining bright, it is quite absurd to wear black, navy or grey. Summer is your opportunity to explore the colors around you. You can mix and match them in your outfit and get away in it. Nature’s de-saturated colours will not do you harm.

Be Jay Gatsby and dare to wear a pink suit. Pastel colours work well with off-white or white pants and can contrast with deep hues too. Jackets in cotton, linen, and seersucker are great options to pair with a well-chosen pair of pants for a classy look.

Don’t be afraid to wear hats…

Summer hats are not made for decoration but for wearing. You can pull out that Panama hat and wear it with your linen suit for a day at the polo match. You will end up the most fashionable, most protected, and cool person in the bunch.

Baseball caps are also good when you pair them with shorts or jeans. Make sure that you are using it not only to hide the unruly hair but also to complement an outfit.

Stop dressing down…

Summer does not mean you are on holiday every day. You are still going to work. It doesn’t mean that you have to dress down and go shoeless around the office.

Wear the appropriate work wear and not like you are going to play gold every day. Honor the dressing code at work.

Summer does not mean that you have to limit your wardrobe to shirts and shorts. You have to make your clothing choices look great and comfortable at the same time. Go for lightweight fabric, light colors, and easy style.

You can limit your shoes to three kinds, kind of like a capsule collection. To pull this off, you need shoes that are versatile and timeless. You have ankle socks or invisible socks but never sockless.

Limit your accessories like watches to the simple, fashionable and inexpensive options. They will complete your look. Lastly, summer is about having fun. Let loose and enjoy.

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Adding the must have piece, into your Winter wardrobe!

The wool coat is one of the most must have’s for  Winter this season, for both men and women. And this classic style is not just for your corporate look, but a great piece to be teamed back in your casual wardrobe.
The colours to look out for this season are, black, light grey and camel. Make sure you select the colour that most compliment’s your current wardrobe colour palette.

The winter coat will take you to the office, Monday to Friday and for play on the weekend!

Team it back with your classic tee’s, favourite jeans and sneakers for a more relaxed look.. or add your latest leather boots for a more smarter casual feel!

winter coat

winter coat2

winter coat3

winter coat4

winter coat5

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What’s on trend for women, this Autumn / Winter?

Autumn is definitely on our door step, as the first drop of Autumn fashion has already hit the stores!! I KNOW!!
I’m still holding on to Summer, as I feel like I blinked and it’s gone!

It’s that time of year, where we’re not sure if it’s going to be a hot day, or a wet one.. but I want to share some trends to look out for, so your wardrobe can be ready for those cooler days!

THE TAILORED SUIT The tailored suit is one of the biggest trends this season.. if you work in an office or not!! It’s also an option for an after five outfit, special occasion, or just out to dinner. However this season, we are seeing it with a bit of a twist as well… yes it can be feminine and structured, but the Androgynous version is still just as strong!! Think Men’s tailoring for Women! Longer line jackets, slim ling pants and take off your heels ladies, as this version is teamed back with brogues…




tailored suit







tailored suit

















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“What is the latest look in Sunglasses this season?”

Nothing refreshes your summer look like a new pair of specs. A cool pair of shades will not only provide your eyes with essential sun protection, but getting your specs right, can be a make or break to your entire outfit.
This summer we are seeing the retro cat-eye, tinted coloured lenses, funky geometric shapes, round, flat tops, aviators and thin rims.
Jade and I have put together some pics of some of our favourite celeb looks this season.
Nicole xo


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” What’s the latest must have bag for the season?”

At STYLED BY JADE we love a statement handbag. It’s a crucial accessory to compliment your outfit. With the right bag you can make an impressive style statement.
Choosing a handbag for the right outfit and the right occasion can be overwhelming with so many handbag styles and shapes on offer. It is important to differentiate between a day bag and an evening bag and to correctly coordinate the right bag to the right outfit to avoid a mismatch in styles.
We have put together the ultimate spring/summer handbag trends for all occasions .
This season we are seeing wicker and basket bags, micro bags, metallic bags, snake skin bags, drawstring bags, floral bags, backpacks and of course not to be forgotten the revival of the fanny pack. 
Nicole xo
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Create high drama to your outfit this season with a silky, lightweight floral Kimono. This charming Japanese inspired trend is so chic and feminine.
A kimino adds just the right amount of coverage without causing you to overheat in our hot Aussie sun and provides the perfect amount of sun protection.
Short, long, with long bellowing sleeves, the Kimono can be left open flowing over swimwear, denim shorts and a tee or done up around the waist like a dress. The kimono is the must-have addition to update your summer 2017 wardrobe. 
Nicole xo
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The oversized fashion trend…

This season we are seeing no shortage of the oversized fashion trend in dresses, pants and shirts. This trend is not for everyone and can make you look completely overwhelmed. 

At STYLED BY JADE we recommend creating your oversized statement with one oversized piece per outfit. Oversized garments are not traditionally figure flattering, so pair your oversized piece back with well fitted garments to create balance and a more shapely silhouette keeping your look effortlessly chic.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite celebrity  looks. 

Nicole xo



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It’s a welcome comeback to this seasons must-have shoe, the kitten heel.  Push those sky high stilettos to the back of the wardrobe and say hello to style and comfort.

The kitten heel has made a major appearance strutting down the catwalks at this seasons spring/summer fashion shows. Leading the pack were Dior, Celine and Gucci with this vintage feminine look. 

Embrace the kitten heel that is heavily embellished, metallic or a block colour. This look is complete with a sling back or a pointed toe. Your feet will be delighted with your pretty and practical choice.

Here are some of our favourites for the season.

Nicole xo 

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A trend we are loving right now is the deconstructed shirt. A deconstructed shirt is an effortlessly chic button down shirt modernised with a sexy feminine twist.

A modern deconstructed shirt is a staple for this season.  Elaborate oversized sleeves, backless cut-outs, asymmetrical hems, off the shoulder layers, wrap arounds and ruffles are all leading the way in street style fashion.

Team your shirt with denim shorts, a denim skirt or a frayed cigarette leg denim pant.  Add a sneaky heel to glamorise the look or go for a casual sport luxe sneaker.

Nicole xo

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With spring in full bloom, we have seen the runway rebirth of 80’s inspired glam silhouettes. Spring/Summer 2017 is filled with refreshing fun floral summer prints.

Floral designs and motifs are endless on all garments whether it be embroidered, embossed, lace or printed. Be adventurous and mix textures. The bolder and more dramatic this season the better.

For this seasons ultimate look invest in big, bright, bold floral blooms from head to toe. Yes, that includes matching your footwear to your outfit. Have fun in this seasons upbeat and energetic look.

Here are some of our favourite bold runway looks.

Nicole xo


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