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The oversized fashion trend…

This season we are seeing no shortage of the oversized fashion trend in dresses, pants and shirts. This trend is not for everyone and can make you look completely overwhelmed. 

At STYLED BY JADE we recommend creating your oversized statement with one oversized piece per outfit. Oversized garments are not traditionally figure flattering, so pair your oversized piece back with well fitted garments to create balance and a more shapely silhouette keeping your look effortlessly chic.

Let’s take a look at some of our favourite celebrity  looks. 

Nicole xo



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A trend we are loving right now is the deconstructed shirt. A deconstructed shirt is an effortlessly chic button down shirt modernised with a sexy feminine twist.

A modern deconstructed shirt is a staple for this season.  Elaborate oversized sleeves, backless cut-outs, asymmetrical hems, off the shoulder layers, wrap arounds and ruffles are all leading the way in street style fashion.

Team your shirt with denim shorts, a denim skirt or a frayed cigarette leg denim pant.  Add a sneaky heel to glamorise the look or go for a casual sport luxe sneaker.

Nicole xo

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It’s that gorgeous time of the year again, where the well known prestigious event is only days away… POLO IN THE CITY SYDNEY 2016!

I am so thrilled to be attending LANDROVER POLO IN THE CITY  Sydney this year, as a VIP Media Guest again… and of course the first thing that came to mind, is ‘What will I wear?’

POLO FASHION, is the ever so glamorous and chic sister to Racing Fashion and the approach of what to wear, should be the same.

Think understated elegance, with delicate fabrics and styles.
Lace in ivory, cream or neutral colours, pops of colour and prints, and a touch of monochrome are some of the go to options.

STYLES CAN INCLUDE… soft tailored lines, playsuits, jumpsuits, long gorgeous printed maxi dresses, an easy shift dress, a boho inspired, off the shoulder top and maxi skirt and of course, lets not forget the pant of the season.. a gorgeous delicate culotte!
Polo Fashion, is all about comfort but that shouldn’t affect the glamour!

Polo is NOT the day, to be wearing your latest stiletto purchase. So please opt for a gorgeous leather sandal, comfortable wedge or chunky heel option.

Sunglasses and a decent size handbag is a MUST…Head wear is not paramount, however a wide brim hat will not only protect you from a day in the sun, but also add some glamour to your outfit! Please NO fascinators!
Jewellery should be complementary to your gorgeous day outfit. Thin delicate pieces, in rose gold, gold or silver are a fashion must have at the moment. However if you’re drawn to more of a statement piece, then opt for it in either gorgeous silver, gold. stones or pops of colour and leave the sparkly diamonte statements pieces at home.

polo fashion

Hair and makeup should be kept natural, but a pop of lip colour can never go astray!

Just like the ladies, Polo Fashion for men should be approached in the same way! A smart casual look is essential, there is no need to suit up!
The Polo is an opportunity to show off a little more of your personality. Have fun with pops of colour, print on print and add a point of difference.

STYLES CAN INCLUDE… A coloured printed shirt, or pop of colour, tailored pant, chino pants or shorts are a great option. A blazer with a stylish pocket square, is always a great way to complete an outfit. But please keep in mind the weather, if it’s going to be too hot, a shirt is suffice.
There is no requirements to wear a tie, but if you prefer the look then go ahead. A bow tie could always be fun too!

Smart leather or suede brogues or loafers are a great choice, or a leather boat shoe. Please do not wear thongs!

Once again, sunglasses should be a must. And for the men wanting that added protection or style, a woven or felt fedora, is a great addition!

polo fashion

Here’s some fashion inspiration from last year.. 

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Do I have to wear pregnancy clothes, when I’m expecting?

I am always approached by expecting mums, when their baby bump is showing… on what to wear and how they can incorporate every day clothing, in their new pregnancy casual wardrobe.

Gone are the days of having to only purchase clothing, from maternity stores.. Here’s some ‘everyday styling’ for mums to be!

Lycra is your best friend… team a basic Lycra black dress, with your fav denim jacket and add a pop of colour, for some fun!

pregnancy fashion

Layer your distressed maternity jeans, with a great long ling Lycra singlet and light weight waterfall cardi..

pregnancy fashion

Leather jackets are a ‘go to’ trend this season..

pregnancy fashion

Can’t fit into your fav chambray shirt? Unbutton it and use it as a layer, to create a new look!

pregnancy fashion

Add a statement shoe, to give your casual outfit so extra street cred!

pregnancy fashion2

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I say it all the time, but I’m truly blessed to be doing what I love. I’ve had the pleasure of being a Stylist for many years and the most rewarding part of my job, is making a difference in people’s lives!!

I have seen many Wardrobes in my time as a Stylist and have worked with varying spaces and requirements…. including my own!! But one thing that I say to all my clients that is the most important element, is organisation! Getting ready in the morning, is so much easier when you have a well organised wardrobe that’s appealing on the eye!!

Not everyone has the means to hire a Stylist, but there are some DIY steps that everyone can do to make a difference. Spring is nearly here and I recommend giving yourself a Wardrobe Makeover at the start of the season.

  • Cull your wardrobe, and be ruthless!! You know deep down if you’re going to wear something or not!! If you have to ummm and ahh over it, then it’s time to get rid of it. I like to create 3 piles…
    1. To donate to Charity or friends. 2. To mend and 3. To keep.
  • If your clothing has lost it’s shape, faded or it’s falling apart and can not be mended, then it’s time to go! We all know what it’s like to wear a top with a hole in it, all we can think about all day is.. ‘I wonder if anyone will notice this hole in my shirt?’ I want you to feel fabulous in every piece of clothing you own. Have your clothing amended if needed.
  • If your shoes are falling apart, please take them to the shoe repairer’s, before it’s too late. Women!! If the tips to your heels have completely fallen off or been worn off, it’s too late. As soon as you’re walking on the raw heel of your shoe and the leather is damaged, it’s too late to fix them.
  • Please remove all wire coat hangers from your wardrobe, I know that they’re cheap and easy and they come free with your dry cleaning… but they ruin your clothing! I’m not suggesting you purchase wood hangers, I don’t even use wood in my wardrobe. As much as they look appealing, they take up too much room and can snag on your delicate clothing. Purchase plastic ones.. I have all black plastic hangers that can be purchase from your local supermarket.
  • Once you have completely gone through your whole wardrobe.. yes even your underwear and sock drawer, then start putting your clothing back in some sort of organised state. I’m not asking that everything is coloured coded. But if you have some sort of system, this will make a massive difference.
  • I like to put all hanging tops, jackets, dresses, skirts and pants together. So when I open my wardrobe, I know that every skirt I own is in one place!! The same goes with my folded clothing. All my singlets, gym wear and pjs are together. If you visually can’t see your clothing, most changes are you won’t remember what you have.. leaving you with the same situation, ‘I have a wardrobe full of clothing, with nothing to wear!’
  • I also have my shoes organised and laid out neatly. With the amount of shoes I have, there’s no way I could see them all in one big pile at the bottom of my wardrobe!!

Now I know this is allot to take in, but just a few small steps can really make a difference! Of course if it’s all too much, then hire a Stylist to take care of it for you.

As you can see below, you don’t need allot of room to have an organised space…


It would be great to have such a fantastic space like this, but probably not realistic for most!




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