Yes I know!! It’s already that time of the year and I think it has only hit me today… yes Summer is over and Winter is near!!

We’re in that ‘in between’ stage, of having some beautiful sunny days, with cooler mornings and evenings and we’ve started to struggle with what to wear… Well I know I am!! I’m still wanting to wear sandals (which I must admit, I would live in all year round if I could) but I’m starting to layer tops with fine knits and more warmer pants.

So the main questions on everyone’s lips is, ‘What’s in for Winter this year?’ So here it is, a little snippet to what’s on trend and what styles and colours to look out for… but remember what I ALWAYS SAY!! BE INSPIRED BY FASHION, BUT MAKE IT YOUR OWN!!

1. MONOCHROME | Yes I thought I would start with this, as it’s one of my fav looks all year round!!
We’re seeing it in a big way this season, with it being used in block options and of course prints, such as checks and stripes.
Think all shades of White, Black and Grey’s….from Causal to Evening Wear!




2. GREY’S AND NEUTRALS | If you prefer NOT to wear black and prefer a more subtle look, then this is for you!
At the moment, there is a sea of grey and neutral tones in nearly every store… and it’s been used as a complete colour palette. Grey on grey or oatmeal and camel teamed back with white… the palette is very muted and easy to wear, with the use of different textures and fabrics giving it appeal. Coats, big chunky knits,  fine laying tops teamed back with denim and tailored pants/skirts…..and no sign of black!!


3. THE TAILORED SUIT | The tailored suit is one of the biggest trends this season.. if you work in an office or not!! It’s also now an option for an after five outfit, special occasion, or just out to dinner. However this season, we are seeing it with a bit of a twist as well… yes it can be feminine and structured (as pictured below) but the Androgynous version is still strong too!! Think Men’s tailoring for Women! Longer line jackets, some pants are a little wider and take off your heels ladies, as this version is teamed back with brogues…



4. COLOUR | Last but not least… there is some colour this season!! I will admit, that there isn’t allot of it in store at the moment, but you will see it coming through as the cooler months arrive. I’m not a big colour person, as most of you will know… but I am happy with the gorgeous selection of colours that I’ll be working with this Winter season, with my clients and fashion showings…Wear them bold and proud, or pick a colour and team it back with black, grey, white etc



And remember… at the end of the day, fashion is all about having fun, creating your own sense of style and feeling confident!! x


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