The fashion industry is in mourning following the death of fashion journalist Anna Piaggi.

Eclectic fashion icon and muse to Karl Lagerfeld, Anna Piaggi, has passed away aged 81 in Milan.
Known for her love of fashion and her flair for style, Piaggi was a much-loved character in fashion circles. She was regularly spotted front row at fashion week around the globe dressed to the nines and in full colour make-up.

So unusual were Piaggi’s outfits that they inspired Chanel’s creative director, Karl Lagerfeld, to illustrate a book of her creations, in which he wrote, “Anna invents fashion.”

Lagerfeld wasn’t the only big fashion name enamoured with Piaggi – she was also the muse of British milliner Stephen Jones, and was referred to by Manolo Blahnik as “the world’s last great authority on frocks.”


*Article featured in Marie Claire August 8, 2012

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